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Sunday, January 07, 2024

An insightful podcast on recent trends and future in genAI along with my learnings

Monday, September 11, 2023

At Google Cloud’s 1st ‘Generative AI Live + Labs’ in Washington DC

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Learnings on Log4j2 Security Issue

Snippet from my post on LinkedIn regarding recent Log4j2 Critical Security Vulnerability

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Space Travel, Worth OR Waste?

Is it really worth going towards Space Travel or Tourism?  Like Bezos, Richard Branson doing?

Well, its debatable about why Billionaires like Bezos, Musk & Branson are going towards Space Travel or Tourism. Some are criticizing this efforts saying, why so much wastage of money on Space Flight for the experience of few min of weightlessness. 

Well.. I believe, they most probably are missing the big picture. the Air travel was ridiculously expensive in old times. It took 50 years for it to become cheap enough for the average citizen. 

What do you think is going to happen at this point after this successful flight? You never know....its just one milestone. The next step could be a bigger parabola landing. Wan to get from NewYork to London in an hour? That could be through space flight. OR 
the money earned through space travel could be used to solve so many real-life social issues, like Bezos pledged to award $100 million every year to non-profit, like he did after this flight. 

I think it’s too soon to be this judgmental. Perhaps things will look a lot different in 10 years just like a little book selling company turning into a giant Amazon, working at the top of many business or innovation streams

Overall, Dreams matters - its all about having those !! 
Great conversation post space flight, specially the answers to journalists & the 2, $100 Million philanthropic awards at the end. Watch the Press conference in below YouTube video. 

#spacetravel #BezosInSpace #BlueOrigin #jeffbezos #philanthropicawards  

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Top Professions Today - Advice to Freshers

Motivational Counselling/Career Advice for Freshers!

My Initiative to help freshers, interact with students, frnds, jobseekers and help them by answering there questions about education, career or life. And providing direction, motivating them to grow in their life. You can ask questions in comments OR share it with anyone who needs any such help.

 I will try to post answers to your questions as text or video as well as will try to guide & support in the best of my ability.   

 Founding Principles: 

1. न चोरहार्यं न च राजहार्यंन भ्रातृभाज्यं न च भारकारी । व्यये कृते वर्धते एव नित्यं विद्याधनं सर्वधन प्रधानम् ॥ 
 भावार्थ : विद्यारुपी धन को कोई चुरा नहीं सकता, राजा ले नहीं सकता, भाईयों में उसका भाग नहीं होता, उसका भार नहीं लगता, (और) खर्च करने से बढता है । सचमुच, विद्यारुप धन सर्वश्रेष्ठ है !

Do good with right intentions, Universe will conspire to give you back.

#KeepMoving #KeepLearning #KeepGrowing

Friday, March 05, 2021

How to Choose A Mentor?

How to Choose Mentor Or Guru

One of my close friend (Mr. AB. - respecting his privacy) asked a very good question on WhatsApp “ How to choose Mentor OR Guru? “, I have given a thought to it & just shared my 2 cents by answering as following. In my opinion, Your Mentor should be the one Who can answer or provide guidance to your satisfaction in most of the cases (you have to judge it by yourself), can motivate you in good/bad times (Ideally he himself should have some motivational story of achievements in his life, so that he can be a role model for you) & should have a growth rate at least more than you,, either spiritually (irrespective of religion), personally or professionally... so that you can look up to him in one of the areas. Sometimes a Good mentor/Guru can also be a person who is a visionary, in whom you have faith & who is ‘tested’ trustworthy . (Again don’t have blind faith, you have to judge yourself based on evident circumstances). So that you can fully rely on him. Life or professional mentor & Spiritual Guru are also 2 diff things & can be more than 1 based on the area of expertise, don’t always think that — all spiritual people are fraud. Obviously— I agree, many are fraud. So beware or just have faith without being in person’s direct contact.

Just for example- Steve Jobs was Mark Zuckerberg’s life/professional mentor. Also Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg both spiritually had faith in Neem Karoli Baba as I heard/read 😊. For more info on this experience.
You may watch this -

& yes, based on these principles I also have few mentors in Spiritual, Personal & Professional life n always eager to learn positives from many, bring them into fold of my ideals/mentors. 😊

Sunday, May 10, 2020

LIVE Debate on Economy after COVID-19

LIVE Debate:

Economy Post Covid-19

Views and Suggestions

Watch me LIVE here on Public News Channel Prime Time Debate! First ever experience on live news debate that too without any rehearsal or cuts.

P.S. Was not easy to try n do all the talk in complete Literary hindi (साहित्यिक हिंदी) keeping in mind the channel audience , It was not in practice since class 12th but overall good use of Sunday and Great Experience to join early morning from USA for the late evening debate.

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Privileged to feature and being on the Panel for WHEELS Virtual Booth at the "Global Tech Summit-2020"...

Posted by Yagya Datt Sharma on Thursday, December 3, 2020

Monday, November 11, 2019

Hollywood Movie Premier: The Warrior Queen of Jhansi


The Warrior Queen of Jhansi

Monday, September 05, 2016

Controversy On Mother Teresa - My Take

Controversy On Mother Teresa

Heard today that many TV channels organized debate on "If Mother Teresa should be declared a Saint or not?"

What an Irony, People are ready to WASTE TIME and ENERGY with their negativity focusing on 1 or 2 controversial points on someone who had DEVOTED HER LIFE TIME and ENERGY in SERVING others by her own hands, To the one's who were dying of fatal diseases like Leprosy and Tuberculosis etc, were unable to get treatment and provided shelters to many orphans.

Overlooking such great deeds which are not everyone's cup of tea and require some extraordinary courage, commitment and sainthood to execute, People on TV are questioning her when she no more exists in the world to respond.

Some people argue that she had hidden agenda, She should have built more hospitals then churches. We all (new generation people) believe hospitals help but  We all must not forget about when Teresa was born - in 1910 (More than a century back).. It was the time when fatal diseases were incurable, If hospitals help more, it doesn't mean demolish all temples n churches now, They all have their role.. and we all go time to time for peace. In fact, during her time, it was much more of faith used to play role than science. So we should not judge her with ours views of 21st century where she started working in 1928 n already died in 20th century (1997). Its  easy to criticize n debate but tough to walk in someone else's shoes considering his/her times situations n struggles.

Such a sad state of politics. खुद कुछ करना नही.. दूसरे ने जो अच्छा किया उसमे भी कमियाँ निकालने टीवी पर बैठ जाना.... Funny part is that TV channels allows such people to sit on TV and talk, who can't even qualify by their own work to be a disciple/student of those whom they are evaluating on TV.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Vipassana: 10 days of Silent Meditation - "My Experience"


10 days of Silent Meditation

Experienced 'Vipassana'- A way of self-transformation through self-observation) at 'Fairlee Manor Camp' in Chestertown(MD), USA from 20th to 30th May 2016. The lesson learnt and the experiences during the course are life changing, it can change the way you look at world, things, life or the way you react. It seems philosophical or religious but its neither of these-

In short - The concept of it, is fully practical and scientific - Meaning, there is no solidity in the world. Even our body or all matters in the universe are full of vibrations and made of atoms which are internally having even smaller particles full of vibrations (it's not about knowing this fact) but "experiencing a bit of same yourself, within your body and in your sourounding through your self-consciousness during meditation process" is what makes the experience blissful and help in commanding the mind in certain way.

Although experiences and effect varies from person to person as per their current consciousness level, but it definitely gives an spark to your regular life. This spark may become fire OR can sit silently and go away, depends on person to person and his daily routine.

Rules followed.

1. No talks and even avoids eye contact with anyone for 9 days.

2. Everyday mandatorily waking up at 4 am and sleeping at 10 pm.

3. Approx 12+ hrs of meditation in a day. with breaks of breakfast, lunch and tea.

4. Only fruits and herbal tea at 5 pm. No dinner.

5. Completely disconnected from technology, no internet, no mobile, no Comp/TV etc.

6. Hour long strong determination meditation sittings, without any movement, no leg or eye opening.

Great memories, Experience of a lifetime :)

Smiles Captured on 10th Day

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Be A Humanist First, then Nationalist

Be A Humanist First, 

then Nationalist

Average Why there is so much havoc created in the country on the topic of Nationalism (राष्ट्रवाद)? What is a Nation? Isn't it a boundary line drawn over the map Which had been kept on changing since the evolution of humanity?

Once upon a time, Nepal, Bangladesh,Pakistan,Srilanka etc all (in fact most of the known part of earth) used to be termed as One country for our ancestors. Also History says that Lord Ram visited and lived at all these places while roaming in the forest. Today same region is divided by the men made boundaries (as we call सरहदें) on the maps ... Same places are being called as foreign for us. Was Ram serving to the people of foreign that time? Buddha was born at Lumbini which is currently in Nepal, but he spread the messages of goodness and non-violence to all parts of the world in his reach to help humanity without considering any boundaries. There was no hatred on the name of nation's boundaries

In fact RAM, Buddha n all great souls in the world were serving the whole Humanity on the earth wherever they were.

Even today, All natural things i.e. Sun, Moon, Winds, Clouds, Rain etc do not follow the rules of boundaries.

In present also, Many Indians like Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, Ajay Bagga, Indira Nooyi etc, heading top MNCs like Google, Microsoft, MasterCard, Pepsico as CEOs which are the origins of foreign economies. Aren't we all using their products technologies to enhance our lives? Irony is that people who hate foreign or tag people anti-national are spreading these messages using social media facebook/twitter running on their Android or iPhone which are all the products of the foreign soil. 

Our lives are better today because some great people at Top work for the whole humanity without considering men drawn boundaries. They don't differentiate based on the nationality.. If they started behaving too nationalist (as per the definitions of some) with hatred towards foreign and never exchanged products,technologies OR their inventions with foreigners, Can we dream of similar paced evolution of humanity?

My whole point is that There is No need of spreading hatred about the word 'foreign' or 'foreigners' OR and fighting or killings over the drawn lines on the map. It is seen frequently in many Nations that some of their political leaders or some sections of media keep on spreading hatred using the word anti-national, foreigners or neighboring nations n fill up the the minds of their citizens with negativity. I would say , Don't generalize by tagging any of whole country, college or religion etc as evil or good based on the actions of few. We must understand that good and bad humans are every where ... Lines drawn on the map cannot be the criteria of goodness or evil.

Without any doubt, We all love our country and religion so we do have respect for other countries and other religions as well.. I would urge not to be extremists.

Be a Humanist first before tagging yourself as Nationalist. Live with peace and spread positivity.

Yagya Datt Sharma
18th Feb 2016

My Article was also featured  in News Gram - A Chicago based media promoting non-partisan journalism.

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Be a humanist first, then think about nationalism

By Yagya Datt Sharma Why there is so much havoc created in the country on the topic of Nationalism (राष्ट्रवाद)? What is a Nation? Isn't it a boundary line drawn over the map, which had been kept on changing since the evolution of humanity? Once upon a time, Nepal, Bangladesh,Pakistan,Srilanka etc all (in fact most of…

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Monday, February 15, 2016

JNU Controversy: One-sided Negativity Should Not be Perpetrated

JNU Controversy:

One-sided Negativity

Should Not be Perpetrated

Friday, September 11, 2015

Caste based Reservation: A Problem and Solution from my point of view

Caste based Reservation:

A Problem and Solution

My Open Letter to Mr. Prime Minister Narendra Modi :

Sir, When you can deliver a 30 min 'Mann Ki Baat' on topics such as 'Exam Stress' for 10th 12th students, Swachcha Abhiyan,, Why don't you also deliver a 'Mann Ki Baat' on burning issues such as Reservation, Fake/Illegal Selections in Exams like Vypam Scams etc.. These issues are much more lifetime stressing then Exams Stress,,for the people who actually face it.

Why don't Govt start Recruiting Pilots also based on caste based reservation for the Aircrafts which are carrying the Ministers and Politicians?

Please Ensure that Doctors selected by reservations, do the Operations for the Ministers, MPs and other Politicians.

'Caste based Reservation' is taking our country backward day by day. Almost everyday,,whenever a central or state competitive exam result get announced OR List of selected candidates for Govt Jobs declared, Thousands of economically backward and deserving, hardworking people gets rejected due to cast based reservation.

Recent Example was - " Zero question attempt in CAT gets you 55 percentile & an IIM call for reserve category cutoff was 38 percentile while for General 98%ile+. " . Are we dreaming this kind of skilled India?

When country having its internal system being built and executed by the people selected based on Quota system and not on the Merit, then how can we expect it progressing on right path with right pace?

Most of us will agree , that Reservation was required few decades back when it started, to uplift some section of society who were treated as inferior which has been changed alot now in most areas. Doesn't old rules need to be reviewed in 21st century? Parliament must initiate a talk on this, to come up with step by step eradication of this. I know it can't be removed suddenly but some steps has to be taken to avoid misuse of it , Like--

1. No reservations if one or 2 generations has already taken reservation.

2. OR Reservation based on Economic Status-- But Only when, you have system in place for tracking of all business and properties otherwise lot of business man still don't file taxes and they will kept on showing minimal income and misuse it again.

3. OR Allow Only 10-15% relaxations in cut offs , not like selecting fix number of people from a Category/Caste even though they score zero or below passing marks.. that's ridiculous. 


Many more valuable suggestions would come up If parliament seriously would be ready for healthy discussion on this imp issue, There won't be better time to tackle this issue as Govt has full Majority...Otherwise these agitations will keep on happening time to time... and Overall country will keep on loosing due to its caste based reservation system.

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Friday, March 06, 2015

Nirbhaya's case Documentary BAN by Government

Nirbhaya's case Documentary

& BAN by Government

I can sense why Our Government has banned Nirbhaya's Rape case Documentary, - Because at one place at 49:25 min , It mentions that -"Number of criminal cases of Rape, Robbery and Murder are also pending against approximately more than 250 current Members of Parliament (MPs) in our country . But their cases are not even being tried neither based of fast track courts nor day to day hearing. WHY??

If Government really wants to give a message to the Society against Rape , Robbery and Murder, Then Govt should start first from its own neck." but Govt is happy having even minister with Rape charges. Above statement must be hurting our great Govt and provoked to ban it.

If we wants to grow as a country in a good manner then we and our Govt need to take the criticism in positive way.. not by banning it, Instead Govt should start working to correct it and present better picture of our country by working towards clean parliament, better law & order and education.

It's not about shaming our country , it shows the reality that how is the mental situation of our youth in country that Even after having charges proven and getting life sentence and He still saying that "She was responsible for rape and deserved to be".

By this Documentary, Every Indian should know what the lawyers of those rapist thinks. Many such Lawyers, politicians and a lot more known personalities have same thinking about the women as we see crap statements coming every alternate day. Banning it shows that its an attempt to protect the feelings of the Rapists of country.

I would recommend every INDIAN to watch this Documentary 'India's Daughter' before it gets removed from internet. 16th Dec Rape case may not have defamed our country as much as this ban is going to defame our country and Govt internationally.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Delhi Elections Verdict -

AAP's Unprecedented Win

Delhi Election Someone has said that - सत्य परेशान हो सकता है लेकिन पराजित नही  (Truth Wins, NOT Immediately BUT Definitely) !!

And the Victory of truth is always so UNPRECEDENTED that no one could have ever imagined, Its proven again Today. 2 yrs old party won over 96% seats of the national capital by bringing down largest and oldest national parties to the earth.

Message to AAP and its supporters:

Be Humble, be honest, be transparent and answerable to the people as you were before winning. This is just a beginning. Power should not make you arrogant , should be directly proportional to humbleness and responsibility. More Power -->> More Humbleness,More responsibility !

History tells that अहंकार किसी का नही रहा इस दुनिया में ! जब जब पैसे जुनून के बीच जंग हुई है ! जुनून जीता है और पैसा हारा है !! So Never be proud, Keep on walking on the same path with humbleness. Many more victories to come on the way !! सत्यमेव जयते  !!

Even though sometimes Hardcore BJP n Cong supporters used wrong language in frustration and made fun of you or AK several times. But don't behave same, show them the difference, Show them what is the dignity. pls don't fall down to their level. Treat them with love. At the End of the day, We all are frnds, brothers or sisters. 

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Republic Day to All

This Republic Day PM Narendra Modi is rewriting the rules of strong diplomacy by inviting US President Barack Obama. Great to see strengthening friendship and ties of World's Largest democracy (India) and World's Oldest democracy (US). Hope new ties of both nations can make some larger impact on this planet !! Yes, Together we can change the world. :)

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Delhi Election 2015 

Who actually deserves?

Delhi Election Campaign is kicked off today by PM Narendra Modi rally today in Ram Lila Maidan Delhi.

In the BJP Rally Today, there was :  1 Great Motivator PM with 56 inches having massive following in the country + 3 CMs + 12 Ministers + ~104 MPs + ~2800 Buses + some paid people + Few Crore of black money in stage & rally preparation  False/Irrelevant speeches !!

Just to oppose 1 Common Man - doing Honest politics with transparent funding, Who has proofs of better and aggressive work on all the major promises made, without even a single allegation of any crime/corruption on his whole cabinet. This is Power of an Aam Aadmi..This is the power of Honesty.

I don't want country to go out of any constructive Opposition as it will be even a bigger threat. History shows that Positive Competition between two always brings better results compare to working 1 without any competitor.

That's why We still have faith in such anarchist, he may Fail or Pass , can't claim but deserves a chance with full majority at least in a state for his better evaluation !!

Narendra Modi ji in Rally said Toady : जिसकी जिसमे मास्टरी हो उसे वही काम देना चाहिए !!

Me: Exactly sir , agreed , but please let us know, SPEECH बोलके भूल जाने वाले को कौन सा काम देना चाहिए ??

You can question someone for just 2 and half months work (even after taking initial steps against every promise) , But don't want people to question you after 8 months on any major promise. Atleast during speeches in Delhi, Please also mention 1-2 achievements by Delhi BJP in last 10 yrs of MCD governance.

Reminding your few Major false speeches on Imp promises out of Numerous such examples :

1. On Tainted MPs : 

I would have appreciated if you started even a SINGLE step on this issue yet. Step against MPs is far, Even you didn't ask your tainted ministers to come out clean before taking charges. I still want to see action on this.

2. Another example of false speech, You said at least 15 Lakhs to each, Now you say you don't even know how much money is there. 

No doubt, You are doing better than the benchmark set by last Congress Govt and you were ONLY best available PM candidate as per last track record and experience but We don't expect you to keep changing the content of speeches and working just to exceed than the benchmark of last Govt. As you yourself say " अगर इच्छा-शक्ति हो तो कोई भी काम कठिन नही होता ..Fully agree !! That's why People expect you to walk the talk as per your speeches !!

I will continue to have faith in you as our PM and appreciate good decisions but also will not hesitate to keep on reminding your forgotten promises. :)

Without any second thought i can say (and said) that you yourself is devoted for the Country.. but also, MORE than Country, You are devoted to your Party today.... whereas oath of PM asks to be opposite!!

Yagya Datt Sharma 

11th Jan 2015

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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Terrorism, Religious Conflicts: A problem and Solution from my point of view

Terrorism, Religious Conflicts 

and Solution

High Time for the word 'Religion': The biggest Killer in this world. Anyone willing to fight, die and kill just for their religion should be declared terrorists and has no rights to live freely in the world. 

Noone knowing the meaning of religion will ever act/support such deadly killing of innocent children (#Peshwar Attack) as 1st lesson of any religion is 'Humanity' which teaches compassion and love.

That's why it is good to say that keep ur religion at home and learn/show 1st lesson 'Humanity' then only someone is worthy to associate himself with any religion.

It is the time to differentiate "Dharma" from the word "Religion". Any ancient spiritual texts (as far as i read), points to follow Dharma , it never mentions any name of Dharma as present name of religions - . As per Vedanta, Dharma is derived from the Sanskrit word "Dhri" which means uniting/holding together . Something that unites the human race and the living force to its natural source is 'Dharma' . In simple terms, one can say that Dharma means code of conduct i.e. doing the right thing, in thoughts, words and deeds.There is no name or types to Dharma in any ancient text.. Dharma is itself a name whereas Religion has multiple names n types. We shld bind our-self tightly to 'Dharma' first then a way of spiritual practice but not tightly with the name of Religion. Isn't present form of religion dividing society? is it serving the purpose of real meaning of Dharma? I think 'NO'.

Sydney, Peshawar and Now Paris. Another strongly condemning act against the freedom of press.Three continents of the world affected by terrorists within a month. Need of the hour is to unite All countries against terrorism or any violence on the name of religion if we want peace on this planet. Create a hit list and start capturing and prosecuting one by one. No mercy, This seem to be the only solution.

Also the Reason behind Paris attack is 'Religious Sarcasm'. Just few weeks back we have seen protests in our country against another 'Religious Sarcastic Movie PK'. Some of our friends protested or supported protest for that PK but Today Many of those are condemning Paris Terror Attack.

Condemning Paris terror attack but protesting against PK kind of movie will not make any difference unless you yourself start valuing a sarcastic creative piece and come out of fanaticism. Otherwise its another example of Hypocrisy where you yourself protest or support a protest against 'Religious Sarcasm' and asking others to be tolerant enough OR asking to be small protester like you. Protest ignites, you cannot manage to make it small or big.

Definitely Action against terrorist is job of Govts but Action for not supporting any protest for wrong reasons is on us(means sensible people of all religions). Take action on ourself first, then condemn any such act !!

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Prime Minister Modi ji in America

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

100 Days of Modi Govt and 

Role of Opposition

Of course, Good work must be praised and Un-ethical work must be criticized. There has been no doubt on Narendra Modi in person and about his intention to do good for country, but there has ALWAYS been doubt on the intentions of many MPs/MLAs of his party who has openly proven bad past record. Some of them even started showing their colors slowly.

It is said that its hard to guide a wild animal who has tasted man's blood once and expecting that it will never do so is big mistake,, Similarly its hard to trust those MPs/MLAs having corrupt and criminal background, They will find diff ways to do same things which they used to do and enjoy, and use past experience to avoid getting caught this time.

That's why in democracy, clean and constructive opposition is very much required to keep check on those unethical elements. In this era, country is going through the crisis of such opposition.

No doubt , There is some great work is being done by Modi for country's relations on international front, by Promoting actively some good policies like "Jan Dhan Yojna" and acting on it (though same policy was formed in 2012 but no action was happened due to last government circus). Also its is to be praised that they are focusing on basic issues like toilets and announcing some deadlines to achieve targets.

Whereas, Some of the acts requires a check , like continuing Minister having rape charges and neither making it a priority of having trial on all tainted MPs/MLAs as promised before election, Not making priority on bringing back Black Money OR at least disclosing names on the list as promised before election. Deadlines set by themselves before elections are being missed . Not acting actively on Ministers/MLAs indulge in Vyapam Ghotala, No action or even disciplinary notice to minister who submitted Fake Affidavits. Horse trading for forming govt is exposed in Delhi.

I know that govt has long way to go ,, and its not right time to fully assess. people have lot of hope but imp issues mentioned above requires attention. Everyone expects to see ground actions by MPs on announcements done by Modi in their constituency and fulfill their core election promises, not to just use Modi as umbrella which is the case right now. It seems like Only One person is running whole Govt, all ministries.. All work, whether its foreign tie ups , defense or education, everywhere it is Modi, where are foreign/education ministers and MP/MLAs, what they have achieved till now?. For results on the ground,, MPs/MLAs has to act, Modi can not go to each constituency to look after work and solve common people problems.

Also, Its good to see AAP praising right moves of Govt and criticizing wrong as well as exposing the acts of horse trading by sting operation. We expect AAP to play such positive role and keep a check on un-ethical/corrupt elements in Govt and fulfill the crisis of constructive opposition. 

Picture is taken from this news link:

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

What is the need of Nations? AND Role of United Nations

What is the need of Nations?


Role of United Nations

I agree upto some extent with the point OSHO made in this video about "What is the need of Nations?". Its a fact that lines drawn on the earth (सरहदें) are created by people only. In Reality, There is nothing like our country or foreign. Whole Earth is one and allotted for humanity. Once upon a time, Nepal, Bangladesh,Pakistan, Srilanka etc all used to be one country for our ancestors. Lord RAM visited and lived at all these places while roaming in forest. Now same places are being called foreign for us. Was RAM living in foreign that time? and was he not serving for the people of his country? Similarly, Buddha was born at Lumbini which is currently in Nepal, but he spread the message of goodness to all parts of the world in his reach to help humanity without considering any boundaries. Was he also not serving his country?

In-fact RAM, Buddha n all great souls were serving the whole Humanity on earth wherever they were.

In addition to OSHO's remark,, I will say that there is definitely need of administration to protect humanity where all visa passport security procedures comes into picture. Whole planet cannot be left without administration procedures or security else it will create chaos. But there is No need or point of spreading hatred about the word 'foreign' or 'foreigners' and fighting or killings over the drawn lines. It is seen frequently in many Nations that their leaders or Governments keep on spreading hatred using the word foreign / foreigners /neighboring nations n fill up in the mind of citizens with negativity. Good and bad humans are every where,, Lines drawn on map cannot be the criteria of goodness or evil.

For the peace of world, I would like the Idea of 'United Nations of Earth' (UNE which is presently called as UN) . Concept of UN has to bring in more effectively . UN should start playing more important roles, with more frequent meetings and Overall Goal of UN must be that - All nations will start helping each other in resolving the problems of Humanity in the all parts of the planet.

Yagya Datt Sharma
29th June 2014

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Email to HRD Ministry of India

My Email to 

HRD Ministry of India

To Respected HRD Ministry 

Mrs. Smriti Irani

First of all many many congratulations for holding the office of the HRD ministry of our country. Every citizen is looking with lot of hopes towards the new Govt. and specially towards you because education ministry is the backbone of the country's future growth. 

Obviously Degree or qualification is not really a measurement of the intellectual power of a leader. I fully believe on that and I have seen a very good orator and leader in you through your speeches.

I would like to draw your attention towards your recent decision about opening new 8 IITs which was also done by former HRD minister Kapil Sibbal as well. Old IITs opened by Kapil ji still have severe shortage of faculty and infrastructure and students in many of them still taking classes in nearby Universities. We should first build existing one on same standard and increase standard of other existing Govt colleges.

If We really need more IITs then Why can't our HRD just upgrade some of the well established reputed colleges of NITs, IIITs or DCE etc which has good proven record with good infrastructure and labs.

In-fact HRD ministry must set a benchmark or some standard qualifications for a college to be eligible to be an IIT. Naming a college just IIT will only downgrade IIT's status. 

Why to dilute the brand if we can't open world standard colleges?

This is just my suggestion, Please give it a thought and i hope HRD will take wise decision in this case which will help our country as well as will maintain the worldwide reputation of the country's education standard.

Yagya Datt Sharma

Principal Engineer 
Hughes Systique Corp.

Success doesn't mean the absence of failure , it means attainment of ultimate objectives, it means winning the war not every battle.

Acknowledgement/Response till now:

Thank-you for your email to the Hon’ble Union Minister of Human Resource Development.
Your email has been received and will be forwarded to the relevant department for appropriate action.

Warm Regards,

Minister’s Office

Ministry of Human Resource Development

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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Modi and Kejriwal's 

Similarties of Governance

Today, its been exactly a week now for Modi Sarkar :). Almost everyday, We are seeing new announcements of Narendra Modi's Govt. Some of them are really appreciable and good moves. Like-

  1. Inviting Nawaj Sharif and SAARC nations to make Swearing-in innovative and inclusive of neighboring nations.
  2. Setting up SIT on Black Money.
  3. Reveling 10 point agenda and priorities list .Which has really good points if these are worked upon.
  4. Asking ministers for coming up with 100 days plan.

If we look with unbiased view - its exactly same as Arvind Kejriwal? style, Like he started in Delhi as CM . 

Lets Just try to look few months back and remember, How Kejriwal started in his 1st week with some good moves - 

  1. Inviting People of the Delhi and Organizing Swearing-in ceremony at "Ram-Leela Maidan" to make it innovative and inclusive of Public.
  2. Ordered CAG Audits for all electricity providing companies.
  3. Ordering 50% cut in Power Tariffs and  660 liters of free water from the same day. Transferred Delhi Jal Board chief.
  4. Setting up Anti-corruption Helpline to report any corruption/bribe case with educating people how to report and do stings.

Modi Govt has also started in very similar manner which completely shows the effect of AAP's aggressiveness towards System reform. Otherwise frankly, this has never been BJP's style .  Else Do We really know any BJP Govt in any State OR Center which started aggressively taking such decisions in 1st week with keeping people updated with almost daily moves? 

If we remember, At the same time of formation of Delhi Govt, 3 Other State Govt's (Rajsthan, MP, CHHD ) were formed ruled by BJP but we still don't know what constructive and aggressive decisions they have taken till date and on how many promises of manifesto they started working or fulfilled? 

This is what positive change we see by the presence of AAP because it increased people's awareness  and they want to know what's going on within Govt as per the promises made . Center Govt also wants to prove by seeing the people's awareness, also knowing the fact that people have recently seen a Govt which was evaluated day by day and started aggressively with good moves. 

Positive competitiveness is what required between all Govts States as well as Center. Leaders like Modi and Kejriwal are required to lead in other States and center OR existing must learn to work in similar way if they want to contribute in bringing the change. Both have their importance in democracy as Democracy can only grow with the competitiveness on Goodness and positivity of good people. 

Yagya Datt Sharma
02nd June 2014

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