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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Space Travel, Worth OR Waste?

Is it really worth going towards Space Travel or Tourism?  Like Bezos, Richard Branson doing?

Well, its debatable about why Billionaires like Bezos, Musk & Branson are going towards Space Travel or Tourism. Some are criticizing this efforts saying, why so much wastage of money on Space Flight for the experience of few min of weightlessness. 

Well.. I believe, they most probably are missing the big picture. the Air travel was ridiculously expensive in old times. It took 50 years for it to become cheap enough for the average citizen. 

What do you think is going to happen at this point after this successful flight? You never know....its just one milestone. The next step could be a bigger parabola landing. Wan to get from NewYork to London in an hour? That could be through space flight. OR 
the money earned through space travel could be used to solve so many real-life social issues, like Bezos pledged to award $100 million every year to non-profit, like he did after this flight. 

I think it’s too soon to be this judgmental. Perhaps things will look a lot different in 10 years just like a little book selling company turning into a giant Amazon, working at the top of many business or innovation streams

Overall, Dreams matters - its all about having those !! 
Great conversation post space flight, specially the answers to journalists & the 2, $100 Million philanthropic awards at the end. Watch the Press conference in below YouTube video. 

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