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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Delhi Election 2015 

Who actually deserves?

Delhi Election Campaign is kicked off today by PM Narendra Modi rally today in Ram Lila Maidan Delhi.

In the BJP Rally Today, there was :  1 Great Motivator PM with 56 inches having massive following in the country + 3 CMs + 12 Ministers + ~104 MPs + ~2800 Buses + some paid people + Few Crore of black money in stage & rally preparation  False/Irrelevant speeches !!

Just to oppose 1 Common Man - doing Honest politics with transparent funding, Who has proofs of better and aggressive work on all the major promises made, without even a single allegation of any crime/corruption on his whole cabinet. This is Power of an Aam Aadmi..This is the power of Honesty.

I don't want country to go out of any constructive Opposition as it will be even a bigger threat. History shows that Positive Competition between two always brings better results compare to working 1 without any competitor.

That's why We still have faith in such anarchist, he may Fail or Pass , can't claim but deserves a chance with full majority at least in a state for his better evaluation !!

Narendra Modi ji in Rally said Toady : जिसकी जिसमे मास्टरी हो उसे वही काम देना चाहिए !!

Me: Exactly sir , agreed , but please let us know, SPEECH बोलके भूल जाने वाले को कौन सा काम देना चाहिए ??

You can question someone for just 2 and half months work (even after taking initial steps against every promise) , But don't want people to question you after 8 months on any major promise. Atleast during speeches in Delhi, Please also mention 1-2 achievements by Delhi BJP in last 10 yrs of MCD governance.

Reminding your few Major false speeches on Imp promises out of Numerous such examples :

1. On Tainted MPs : 

I would have appreciated if you started even a SINGLE step on this issue yet. Step against MPs is far, Even you didn't ask your tainted ministers to come out clean before taking charges. I still want to see action on this.

2. Another example of false speech, You said at least 15 Lakhs to each, Now you say you don't even know how much money is there. 

No doubt, You are doing better than the benchmark set by last Congress Govt and you were ONLY best available PM candidate as per last track record and experience but We don't expect you to keep changing the content of speeches and working just to exceed than the benchmark of last Govt. As you yourself say " अगर इच्छा-शक्ति हो तो कोई भी काम कठिन नही होता ..Fully agree !! That's why People expect you to walk the talk as per your speeches !!

I will continue to have faith in you as our PM and appreciate good decisions but also will not hesitate to keep on reminding your forgotten promises. :)

Without any second thought i can say (and said) that you yourself is devoted for the Country.. but also, MORE than Country, You are devoted to your Party today.... whereas oath of PM asks to be opposite!!

Yagya Datt Sharma 

11th Jan 2015

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