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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Terrorism, Religious Conflicts: A problem and Solution from my point of view

Terrorism, Religious Conflicts 

and Solution

High Time for the word 'Religion': The biggest Killer in this world. Anyone willing to fight, die and kill just for their religion should be declared terrorists and has no rights to live freely in the world. 

Noone knowing the meaning of religion will ever act/support such deadly killing of innocent children (#Peshwar Attack) as 1st lesson of any religion is 'Humanity' which teaches compassion and love.

That's why it is good to say that keep ur religion at home and learn/show 1st lesson 'Humanity' then only someone is worthy to associate himself with any religion.

It is the time to differentiate "Dharma" from the word "Religion". Any ancient spiritual texts (as far as i read), points to follow Dharma , it never mentions any name of Dharma as present name of religions - . As per Vedanta, Dharma is derived from the Sanskrit word "Dhri" which means uniting/holding together . Something that unites the human race and the living force to its natural source is 'Dharma' . In simple terms, one can say that Dharma means code of conduct i.e. doing the right thing, in thoughts, words and deeds.There is no name or types to Dharma in any ancient text.. Dharma is itself a name whereas Religion has multiple names n types. We shld bind our-self tightly to 'Dharma' first then a way of spiritual practice but not tightly with the name of Religion. Isn't present form of religion dividing society? is it serving the purpose of real meaning of Dharma? I think 'NO'.

Sydney, Peshawar and Now Paris. Another strongly condemning act against the freedom of press.Three continents of the world affected by terrorists within a month. Need of the hour is to unite All countries against terrorism or any violence on the name of religion if we want peace on this planet. Create a hit list and start capturing and prosecuting one by one. No mercy, This seem to be the only solution.

Also the Reason behind Paris attack is 'Religious Sarcasm'. Just few weeks back we have seen protests in our country against another 'Religious Sarcastic Movie PK'. Some of our friends protested or supported protest for that PK but Today Many of those are condemning Paris Terror Attack.

Condemning Paris terror attack but protesting against PK kind of movie will not make any difference unless you yourself start valuing a sarcastic creative piece and come out of fanaticism. Otherwise its another example of Hypocrisy where you yourself protest or support a protest against 'Religious Sarcasm' and asking others to be tolerant enough OR asking to be small protester like you. Protest ignites, you cannot manage to make it small or big.

Definitely Action against terrorist is job of Govts but Action for not supporting any protest for wrong reasons is on us(means sensible people of all religions). Take action on ourself first, then condemn any such act !!

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