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Friday, March 05, 2021

How to Choose A Mentor?

How to Choose Mentor Or Guru

One of my close friend (Mr. AB. - respecting his privacy) asked a very good question on WhatsApp “ How to choose Mentor OR Guru? “, I have given a thought to it & just shared my 2 cents by answering as following. In my opinion, Your Mentor should be the one Who can answer or provide guidance to your satisfaction in most of the cases (you have to judge it by yourself), can motivate you in good/bad times (Ideally he himself should have some motivational story of achievements in his life, so that he can be a role model for you) & should have a growth rate at least more than you,, either spiritually (irrespective of religion), personally or professionally... so that you can look up to him in one of the areas. Sometimes a Good mentor/Guru can also be a person who is a visionary, in whom you have faith & who is ‘tested’ trustworthy . (Again don’t have blind faith, you have to judge yourself based on evident circumstances). So that you can fully rely on him. Life or professional mentor & Spiritual Guru are also 2 diff things & can be more than 1 based on the area of expertise, don’t always think that — all spiritual people are fraud. Obviously— I agree, many are fraud. So beware or just have faith without being in person’s direct contact.

Just for example- Steve Jobs was Mark Zuckerberg’s life/professional mentor. Also Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg both spiritually had faith in Neem Karoli Baba as I heard/read 😊. For more info on this experience.
You may watch this -

& yes, based on these principles I also have few mentors in Spiritual, Personal & Professional life n always eager to learn positives from many, bring them into fold of my ideals/mentors. 😊


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