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Friday, September 11, 2015

Caste based Reservation: A Problem and Solution from my point of view

Caste based Reservation:

A Problem and Solution

My Open Letter to Mr. Prime Minister Narendra Modi :

Sir, When you can deliver a 30 min 'Mann Ki Baat' on topics such as 'Exam Stress' for 10th 12th students, Swachcha Abhiyan,, Why don't you also deliver a 'Mann Ki Baat' on burning issues such as Reservation, Fake/Illegal Selections in Exams like Vypam Scams etc.. These issues are much more lifetime stressing then Exams Stress,,for the people who actually face it.

Why don't Govt start Recruiting Pilots also based on caste based reservation for the Aircrafts which are carrying the Ministers and Politicians?

Please Ensure that Doctors selected by reservations, do the Operations for the Ministers, MPs and other Politicians.

'Caste based Reservation' is taking our country backward day by day. Almost everyday,,whenever a central or state competitive exam result get announced OR List of selected candidates for Govt Jobs declared, Thousands of economically backward and deserving, hardworking people gets rejected due to cast based reservation.

Recent Example was - " Zero question attempt in CAT gets you 55 percentile & an IIM call for reserve category cutoff was 38 percentile while for General 98%ile+. " . Are we dreaming this kind of skilled India?

When country having its internal system being built and executed by the people selected based on Quota system and not on the Merit, then how can we expect it progressing on right path with right pace?

Most of us will agree , that Reservation was required few decades back when it started, to uplift some section of society who were treated as inferior which has been changed alot now in most areas. Doesn't old rules need to be reviewed in 21st century? Parliament must initiate a talk on this, to come up with step by step eradication of this. I know it can't be removed suddenly but some steps has to be taken to avoid misuse of it , Like--

1. No reservations if one or 2 generations has already taken reservation.

2. OR Reservation based on Economic Status-- But Only when, you have system in place for tracking of all business and properties otherwise lot of business man still don't file taxes and they will kept on showing minimal income and misuse it again.

3. OR Allow Only 10-15% relaxations in cut offs , not like selecting fix number of people from a Category/Caste even though they score zero or below passing marks.. that's ridiculous. 


Many more valuable suggestions would come up If parliament seriously would be ready for healthy discussion on this imp issue, There won't be better time to tackle this issue as Govt has full Majority...Otherwise these agitations will keep on happening time to time... and Overall country will keep on loosing due to its caste based reservation system.

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