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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

100 Days of Modi Govt and 

Role of Opposition

Of course, Good work must be praised and Un-ethical work must be criticized. There has been no doubt on Narendra Modi in person and about his intention to do good for country, but there has ALWAYS been doubt on the intentions of many MPs/MLAs of his party who has openly proven bad past record. Some of them even started showing their colors slowly.

It is said that its hard to guide a wild animal who has tasted man's blood once and expecting that it will never do so is big mistake,, Similarly its hard to trust those MPs/MLAs having corrupt and criminal background, They will find diff ways to do same things which they used to do and enjoy, and use past experience to avoid getting caught this time.

That's why in democracy, clean and constructive opposition is very much required to keep check on those unethical elements. In this era, country is going through the crisis of such opposition.

No doubt , There is some great work is being done by Modi for country's relations on international front, by Promoting actively some good policies like "Jan Dhan Yojna" and acting on it (though same policy was formed in 2012 but no action was happened due to last government circus). Also its is to be praised that they are focusing on basic issues like toilets and announcing some deadlines to achieve targets.

Whereas, Some of the acts requires a check , like continuing Minister having rape charges and neither making it a priority of having trial on all tainted MPs/MLAs as promised before election, Not making priority on bringing back Black Money OR at least disclosing names on the list as promised before election. Deadlines set by themselves before elections are being missed . Not acting actively on Ministers/MLAs indulge in Vyapam Ghotala, No action or even disciplinary notice to minister who submitted Fake Affidavits. Horse trading for forming govt is exposed in Delhi.

I know that govt has long way to go ,, and its not right time to fully assess. people have lot of hope but imp issues mentioned above requires attention. Everyone expects to see ground actions by MPs on announcements done by Modi in their constituency and fulfill their core election promises, not to just use Modi as umbrella which is the case right now. It seems like Only One person is running whole Govt, all ministries.. All work, whether its foreign tie ups , defense or education, everywhere it is Modi, where are foreign/education ministers and MP/MLAs, what they have achieved till now?. For results on the ground,, MPs/MLAs has to act, Modi can not go to each constituency to look after work and solve common people problems.

Also, Its good to see AAP praising right moves of Govt and criticizing wrong as well as exposing the acts of horse trading by sting operation. We expect AAP to play such positive role and keep a check on un-ethical/corrupt elements in Govt and fulfill the crisis of constructive opposition. 

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