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Sunday, June 29, 2014

What is the need of Nations? AND Role of United Nations

What is the need of Nations?


Role of United Nations

I agree upto some extent with the point OSHO made in this video about "What is the need of Nations?". Its a fact that lines drawn on the earth (सरहदें) are created by people only. In Reality, There is nothing like our country or foreign. Whole Earth is one and allotted for humanity. Once upon a time, Nepal, Bangladesh,Pakistan, Srilanka etc all used to be one country for our ancestors. Lord RAM visited and lived at all these places while roaming in forest. Now same places are being called foreign for us. Was RAM living in foreign that time? and was he not serving for the people of his country? Similarly, Buddha was born at Lumbini which is currently in Nepal, but he spread the message of goodness to all parts of the world in his reach to help humanity without considering any boundaries. Was he also not serving his country?

In-fact RAM, Buddha n all great souls were serving the whole Humanity on earth wherever they were.

In addition to OSHO's remark,, I will say that there is definitely need of administration to protect humanity where all visa passport security procedures comes into picture. Whole planet cannot be left without administration procedures or security else it will create chaos. But there is No need or point of spreading hatred about the word 'foreign' or 'foreigners' and fighting or killings over the drawn lines. It is seen frequently in many Nations that their leaders or Governments keep on spreading hatred using the word foreign / foreigners /neighboring nations n fill up in the mind of citizens with negativity. Good and bad humans are every where,, Lines drawn on map cannot be the criteria of goodness or evil.

For the peace of world, I would like the Idea of 'United Nations of Earth' (UNE which is presently called as UN) . Concept of UN has to bring in more effectively . UN should start playing more important roles, with more frequent meetings and Overall Goal of UN must be that - All nations will start helping each other in resolving the problems of Humanity in the all parts of the planet.

Yagya Datt Sharma
29th June 2014


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