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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Modi and Kejriwal's 

Similarties of Governance

Today, its been exactly a week now for Modi Sarkar :). Almost everyday, We are seeing new announcements of Narendra Modi's Govt. Some of them are really appreciable and good moves. Like-

  1. Inviting Nawaj Sharif and SAARC nations to make Swearing-in innovative and inclusive of neighboring nations.
  2. Setting up SIT on Black Money.
  3. Reveling 10 point agenda and priorities list .Which has really good points if these are worked upon.
  4. Asking ministers for coming up with 100 days plan.

If we look with unbiased view - its exactly same as Arvind Kejriwal? style, Like he started in Delhi as CM . 

Lets Just try to look few months back and remember, How Kejriwal started in his 1st week with some good moves - 

  1. Inviting People of the Delhi and Organizing Swearing-in ceremony at "Ram-Leela Maidan" to make it innovative and inclusive of Public.
  2. Ordered CAG Audits for all electricity providing companies.
  3. Ordering 50% cut in Power Tariffs and  660 liters of free water from the same day. Transferred Delhi Jal Board chief.
  4. Setting up Anti-corruption Helpline to report any corruption/bribe case with educating people how to report and do stings.

Modi Govt has also started in very similar manner which completely shows the effect of AAP's aggressiveness towards System reform. Otherwise frankly, this has never been BJP's style .  Else Do We really know any BJP Govt in any State OR Center which started aggressively taking such decisions in 1st week with keeping people updated with almost daily moves? 

If we remember, At the same time of formation of Delhi Govt, 3 Other State Govt's (Rajsthan, MP, CHHD ) were formed ruled by BJP but we still don't know what constructive and aggressive decisions they have taken till date and on how many promises of manifesto they started working or fulfilled? 

This is what positive change we see by the presence of AAP because it increased people's awareness  and they want to know what's going on within Govt as per the promises made . Center Govt also wants to prove by seeing the people's awareness, also knowing the fact that people have recently seen a Govt which was evaluated day by day and started aggressively with good moves. 

Positive competitiveness is what required between all Govts States as well as Center. Leaders like Modi and Kejriwal are required to lead in other States and center OR existing must learn to work in similar way if they want to contribute in bringing the change. Both have their importance in democracy as Democracy can only grow with the competitiveness on Goodness and positivity of good people. 

Yagya Datt Sharma
02nd June 2014

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