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Monday, September 05, 2016

Controversy On Mother Teresa - My Take

Controversy On Mother Teresa

Heard today that many TV channels organized debate on "If Mother Teresa should be declared a Saint or not?"

What an Irony, People are ready to WASTE TIME and ENERGY with their negativity focusing on 1 or 2 controversial points on someone who had DEVOTED HER LIFE TIME and ENERGY in SERVING others by her own hands, To the one's who were dying of fatal diseases like Leprosy and Tuberculosis etc, were unable to get treatment and provided shelters to many orphans.

Overlooking such great deeds which are not everyone's cup of tea and require some extraordinary courage, commitment and sainthood to execute, People on TV are questioning her when she no more exists in the world to respond.

Some people argue that she had hidden agenda, She should have built more hospitals then churches. We all (new generation people) believe hospitals help but  We all must not forget about when Teresa was born - in 1910 (More than a century back).. It was the time when fatal diseases were incurable, If hospitals help more, it doesn't mean demolish all temples n churches now, They all have their role.. and we all go time to time for peace. In fact, during her time, it was much more of faith used to play role than science. So we should not judge her with ours views of 21st century where she started working in 1928 n already died in 20th century (1997). Its  easy to criticize n debate but tough to walk in someone else's shoes considering his/her times situations n struggles.

Such a sad state of politics. खुद कुछ करना नही.. दूसरे ने जो अच्छा किया उसमे भी कमियाँ निकालने टीवी पर बैठ जाना.... Funny part is that TV channels allows such people to sit on TV and talk, who can't even qualify by their own work to be a disciple/student of those whom they are evaluating on TV.