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Sunday, May 18, 2014

General Election 2014 


Is it Failure of AAP?

"Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength." - Mahatma Gandhi

AAP which has ideology of Corruption free India, Providing Swaraj (Public inclusive Govt) , Implementing strict rules in the system , Making administration accountable to the public and Using clean/white money in all political activities, Do you really think it has failed ? and these changes will never happen ? Let's analyze..

 In 1984, Congress won 415 seats n BJP won only 2 when BJP did its debut .. But We never say Atal ji/BJP failed , in-fact kept on growing, and taken it to next next level and look where is it Today. AAP has got 4 LS seats in his debut and over 1 crore votes, This was not at all failure for a party making its debut. If BJP is the present then AAP is certainly the Future of the country.

 AAP has reached now with good base to another state Punjab with maximum seats n grown its votes share in Delhi from 29% to 33% . They were never in position to form Govt at center.. N As it is said "शुभ काम में देरी क्यू"... AAP was fighting to do inauguration of its good work at country level N it finally build its base in another State Punjab" n strengthen in Delhi .

AAP got total about 1.3 crore votes across the country. TMC got 1.8 crore votes but won 37 seats... So Its not failure ...its minor success... But We are still in positive direction. 

Modi ji is a great and honest person as he don't have any proven charges directly on him. No doubt he did some good job but i don't like that in 12 yrs of governance he left more thn 50 K RTI unanswered, Kept criminals in his cabinet who are given jail by HC, Managed not to have any Lokayukt to review his ministers work since 2003 by review petition to SC.  

That's why I always said that I have same respect for Modi ji as for Bheeshma Pitamah in Mahabharat who was also honest and invincible individual. But he was surrounded by Morally corrupt people so Modi ji.. 

Winning of Yedurappa, Rahul Gandhi, Mulayam is not Triumph of Truth.. ?? This shows Public is still not fully aware , educated . Many people still go with the Strong person, Money and Muscle power in place of Honesty.

These are small battles .. Pandav also lost many battles ..Has to to go to forest due to cheating of Shakuni Mama...... N Battle of Chakravyuh was lost by Pandav badly... They lost Abhimanhyu Their One of great fighter after Arjun and son of Arjun.. Bheesma n Drona has won the battle of  Chakravayuh even being on the side of morally corrupt people.  Modi ji is still representing Bheeshma keeping Many corrupt n criminal his side.

Corrupt n criminal people के सहारे बनी सोने की लंका तक को पत्तो की तरह बिखरते हुए देर नही लगती ..इतिहास उठा के देख लो ...

I will appreciate if Modi ji establish the politics of honesty as he said in his Interview with Arnab Goswami... that He will begin trail on all convicted MPs n MLAs by creating fast track courts in first 6 months.. Whosoever will found guilty re-election will be done on that seat... I am waiting for that day 2 see the Truth when all corrupt n convicted will be behind bars n when he will bring black money. If he will do that n start fighting on clean money  that day i will say he is on the Truth side.. 

AAP is not required at all if Modi ji can provide good governance with honesty, clean money , transparency and Public participation. Lets watch his actions in this term.

Success doesn't mean absence of failure .. It means attainment of ultimate objective , It means Winning the WAR, not every Battle – Edwin C. Bliss

These are only battles .. दिल्ली जीता था.. ये हार गये तो क्या ...There will be many more battles coming up ... कभी कोई जीतेगा ...तो कभी कोई और !!

AAP 's Goal is to win the Complete WAR to fulfill our Ultimate objective , which is -- "देश में स्वराज and ईमानदार राजनीति की स्थापना " !! AAP and Arvind Kejriwal stand up with this ideology , not to be only CM/PM. 

इस स्वराज की चिंगारी को हम सब आने वाले समय में, आग और शोले में बदल देंगे. !! Priority is to continue the movement selflessly , संघर्ष जारी रहेगा.. without compromising on the principles of honesty.

This Song is dedicated to all supporters of AAP's ideology :

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