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Friday, April 11, 2014

Whom to Vote ?

Election - 2014

 Its Voting day at many places.  I won't say Vote for AAP or BJP or anyone else. 

According to me , 3 Thumb Rules -

1. First Go to and Know Your Candidate and about the corruption/criminal charges against him. 
    2. Vote for the best available clean candidate having good background n track record irrespective of BJP/AAP. Ultimately we want parties to be forced to start clean n transparent politics. Once we start neglecting tainted candidates then only parties will feel the heat and understand need of the hour.
      3. NEVER EVER vote for Corrupt/Criminal Candidates on the name of Namo or Gandhi or Kejriwal , Else these corrupt people will take country and its people for granted and will be encouraged to do more whatever they have done earlier. Also neither vote for Candidates Who were already MPs of Congress and were part of UPA Government but has done nothing satisfactory in their area and recently joined BJP after seeing the wave. Give them a break. Let them realize n repent what they have done. Pls Don't Vote 4 them.

        Again, Don't vote anyone just on the mercy of stability or neither on your attachment to one person. Have guts to field better candidates and win election. "Earlier ppl used to vote any candidate on the Name of 'Gandhi' without actually understanding candidate and his background " ... "Now many people are thinking to vote on the name of 'Modi' without considering candidates background" This actually has to be changed." Come Out of this.
          Vote for Credible, Not for Criminal !!

          !! JAI HIND !!
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