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Friday, March 14, 2014

Confusion over electing PM ?

The opportunity to elect your RULER comes only once in a 5 years and its approaching so Its time to clear stand and not to be in dilemma that Whom to vote? Considering the ethics, morality and the way of working as main parameters, Today, election seems to be primarily between BJP and AAP. All other Parties are silently watching from a distance as they can't think of even participate in the talk of Morality and Ethics before taking a dip in Holy Ganga. :D 

I think there are 3 main parameters for electing a country leadership. 
  1. Should have Good intentions for the country ( नियत साफ हो ).
  2. Should have capability to take Strict as well as sensible decisions aggressively (तेज-तर्रार हो , not like our current PM).
  3. Should have good governing experience with proven record. ( सुशाशन )

Let me tell you My experience and the fact seen by my eyes when I landed on IGI-T3 Delhi on 13th Feb night and myself have experienced only 1 day of Kejriwal Governance in Delhi.

"After coming out of Airport, I went to a Prepaid Taxi booth and asked for the rent of Taxi to Gurgaon Sector 15 Part-I. The Guy sitting in booth replied 600 Rs + Toll tax. I was very eager to check what has changed in Delhi. I asked the guy- Can you show me the rate list ? 

He said - " ना भैया इतना ही लगता है ". (He might be thinking that he has so many big baggage seems to be from international flight and may not go much into it.)

I smilingly said - " भैया, आम आदमी की सरकार है,,  "

He paused a bit and just looked once at me. Then tilted his Computer Screen towards me and shown me a Form to book ticket where he was having a Drop down list of all locations and When he selected GGN Sec 15, It came out as 475 Rs. and said smilingly, लो भैया ये है rate .

I said , I liked it and " में आपको 600 ही दूँगा " but I am happy now to see that u have shown me a Glimpse of Change What I wanted to see." 

Though unfortunately, I was not able to experience much of it as Kejriwal resigned just Next Evening of 14th feb.

So I will certainly agree on the fact by believing on my eyes that there was a glimpse of good governance . People were having fear of taking bribe or money by wrong means. But unfortunately, due to being rigid on his promises and no compromises, He was not able to get much of experience to build on and implementing his Swaraj Model to present an example.

So today Narendra Modi comes ahead of Arvind Kejriwal only bcuz of 3rd point and sensible people would prefer to see Modi as PM as Kejriwal lacks in proven experience compare to him. I will still like Kejriwal to see proving himself first in a state by working in majority with his Swaraj Model in the same way as he was going in Delhi without compromising on his core principals.

Some people say - AAP is just a vote cutter, It will harm BJP.

I say - What is the problem for BJP in taking decisions not to give tickets to any corrupt/criminal candidate and start doing politics of transparency. If They will start acting on that then I would say 80% of AAP vote bank will be in favour of BJP… but Whats is forcing BJP not to do so. If They have given room to AAP to cut their votes by their actions and still doing so, Then Who is responsible for it? BJP itself. We very well know BJP also created room 4 Mayawati in UP by making her chief ministers twice and what happened in the end, They themselves get thrown out of UP.

Same People Say - Dekhna, AAP will also become corrupt and its B team of Congress. 

I Say - I don’t care ..If AAP also become corrupt one day but Today, I want it to be used to correct politics of other Parties. I have not taken guarantee of any person of any party that he will remain d same whole life. But I don’t want to act as per astrological predictions.

Initially Ravan was also a great scholar and good person. God has always given him whatever he was needed and supported him fully. But he was killed by God only after he became fully corrupt not initially by predicting d future. God could have predicted his future very well and acted on very initial stage but its not the way.

Every well wisher of country want to see country progressing and in the same line, want to see Modi as PM on conditions of taking strict decisions without favoring his corrupt/criminal candidates but We don’t want to see wining Raja, Kalmadhi, Yedurappa, Rahul Gandhi, Gadhkari, Mulayam, Mayawati, Babu Bokariya, Kapil Sibbal, Bangaroo Laxman, B. Sriramulu, Solanki, Nishank kind of so many candidates else they will take country and its people for granted and will be encouraged to do more whatever they were doing earlier. We want AAP to be used to stop these kind of candidates going back to Parliament as AAP is only showing guts to field their good candidates against those. Why a established 30 yrs old Party is not having guts to take such steps and having fear of a 1-2 year old Party.. Why can’t BJP themselves start saying that I don’t want to compromise on corrupt/criminal candidates then No one needs AAP. 

As Kejriwal said in this confrence if He will be in forceful condition to choose Mulayam, Maya or Modi to make Govt He will choose Modi and In the intrest of Nation, I welcome this statement. :) So I won't say Vote for AAP or BJP. I would say vote for the best candidates in your area out of BJP or AAP, specially don't vote for candidates having bad record irrespective of any Party neither on the mercy of stability or neither on your attachment to one person or leadership. Have Guts to Field better candidates and win elections that the key.

Yagya Datt Sharma
13th March 2014

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