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Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Kinds of People Supporting Politics

The Kinds of People Supporting 


There are two kinds of People these days supporting/analyzing Politics.

The One who calls themselves BJP supporter but actually they should be called AAP haters. As Since AAP emerged there main Goal is to post against AAP on each n every small thing whether its authentic or not, They don't care . They feel amazing as soon as they found some news n quotes which is talking against AAP n they Post it in no hurry. They post more negative against AAP then Posting any positive about whom they support :D

The 2nd One who call Themselves AAP supporter but actually should be called as BJP haters. As since AAP came into Politics , they see only BJP in their Path and they try to post anything against BJP on even any of their good or honest leader. They also don't care about any authenticity Like the 1st one.. They try to post more negative of BJP then Positives of AAP. :D 

Both of above are indulge in Hatred to each other, They see their opposition as all painted in Black.

Then I met the 3rd Kind...., Whose motive is to only spread positivity since beginning and supporting each and everyone whose intention is right for the country as per his past record (irrespective of the Party) and has struggled to reach out to the position where he could try his ways to correct the broken links of system and try to give back to the people (No doubt Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi both falls in this category). Obviously, No one can take 10 out 10 decisions such that they all will always result in huge success.So both can have some negatives respectively But its also a fact that, If a Person wants to releave the system which was fastened since more than 4-5 decades. He need some time (of course that time could not be days or 1 month) . People should definitely keep an eye if he is sitting idle ,becoming lazy and corrupt not working towards the goal then should raise voice but should not oppose anything or everything just because he is not with his favorite one.

If you start analyzing things by one month or few months then Modi was even a bigger failure than Kejriwal. But I will again say this is not the way of comparison of 2 freshers came in diff-2 projects and in diff situations from diff-2 backgrounds. Both need a significant amount of time to establish and understand in which project they are put in and then prove themselves. If u see the situation just after Gujarat riots(within 6 months of Modi Career), No one was openly backing Modi even his PM, Atal ji.(Dont forget, His neutral remark about Raj-Dharma). There was not the kind of support to him which he has today. Many people were doubting his intentions but many more have trusted him and given time to prove himself and because of his will as well as people's trust n support he is able to prove himself today. Modi in today's position is because of the TIME he was given to prove himself . Because of the court gave him clean chit in that TIME and he was able to show his work in the same TIME but since the day of riots, till the day of clean chit, no one was able to prove him that he was right or not. Similarly Kejriwal, People started allegation on him from the day one but As everyone else , He deserve time to prove himself by his actions and overall results in the significant course of time not in days or few months.

I would like to see more people in 3rd category, Who never post one sided negative things about anyone just to prove his more association with another one better, who want to spread positivity and want to support whosoever is trying to take lead honestly in fixing the public issues irrespective of the Party, and I am happy to be continuing on 3rd side. 

P.S. Inspired by the following 'Rang De Basanti' Dialogue . :)

There are two kinds of people,

People who go screaming to their death,

People who go silently to their death,
Then I met the third kind...

Similarly in Politics,
There are two kinds of People,
People those hate AAP,
People those hate BJP,
Then I want to meet the third kind... (As described above) :)

Yagya Datt Sharma
1st Feb 2014

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