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Friday, November 29, 2013

Why We should 

Vote for AAP, but not blindly...

No doubt, Today Aam Aadmi Party is the face of anti-corruption, a political revolution, a change that common men is looking for since long in the present democracy but Question is - how can we make sure that this face will remain same as we see it now?

I am sure it has great vision and wonderful Promises But we also need to give a thought, what was the reason around other political parties started with same vision/similar movements (Jai Prakash Narayan started 'Total Revolution' against corruption around 1970's and  'Janta Party' came out with his vision,  Similarly BJP was also started with Jagannath Rath Yatra, Ram Temple Movement etc and Revolution against wrong policies of Govt which had brought many people together for a change and many other state level Parties So is the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) started in similar way from Anna's anti corruption movement which united all the youth. Origin doesn't seem to be much different, but finally all others landing up in the same basket. What could be the reason behind that?

I think root cause is the "BLIND FAN Following" OR call it People's emotional attachment . Yes, in our country, it is the common problem of many issues that people gets attached to one thing emotionally and start supporting it and eventually they land up being blind fan who keeps on ignoring wrong moves and finding out the way to prove their association right.

Just as an example, Today, SRK has guts to promote any shit movie and ability to make it all time biggest grosser of our country is just because of 'BLIND FAN Following' which he knows very well  that he has. Many People can not say wrong to wrong and discard something seeing continuous wrong moves and can not say right to right irrespective of the Name /Person/Party it is associated. This has to be Changed.

Similar happened with Political Parties and Happening now as well and they are taking advantage of this BLIND FAN Following emotions and still Ruling us, like many people has/had blind faith in the name of Gandhi. We have to get out of the BLIND FAN Following of anything. Either Its Modi, Kejriwal any Party, any actor whosoever does well praise him but as soon as he takes wrong move Question him and if no corrective is taken, Neglect him.  Specially , We should never support anything emotionally with which is in evolving phase and not has any history or proven record like AAP. 

One new born child is never corrupt and till a certain age. Men becomes corrupt once he goes into the system after a age. Reason is because he doesn't get questioned on his starting wrong moves which gives him liberty and habit of indulging in same wrong thing. Like, Parents/Society has to keep a check and question child on his every wrong move to make him as an honest Man. Similarly, We should always have a check and question every wrong move keeping aside that we support it.

Yes, I/we support it today as it is best out of the available pool/options but I can list at least 9-10 wrong moves and way of working of AAP. Many emotional FANs would have not even noticed and some noticed then ignored it. Now, you would say other parties has 1000, 500, 100 faults respectively as per their experience and age. I agree but Its same thing , AAP  has just started, like a child who is clean so it can not be compared with others in same way but from the prior experience we should not have BLIND FAN Following.We should not ignore those 9-10 wrong moves in this stage.

Its not hypothetical, it happened in last months with AAP also that they had taken few wrong political moves and as i was not happy to see becoming them same as other political parties So I personally questioned them and got clarification/correction from Party. Like-

When i checked one of the Blog link and found some of the points logical.So without being biased and believing anything blindly OR without spreading any rumor by sharing such post, thought to ask some points directly to AAP officials and their take on those in the below email.

Later after some continuous ping,  received reply from AAP that they will clarify it soon and i respect that they acknowledged it and thought to respond.

Also received below response from one of the AAP member.

Finally AAP officials accepted on the wrong move and I think Its appreciable because Its better to accept and learn from mistakes then ignoring them, below post on AAP page (which got deleted later) and the email exchanged on this issue.

These are just couple of example, to keeping a check and getting clarification on any wrong act. There are many other points as well. Like - Calling Batla House encounter as Fake without proof just to appose other party and then reverting the point after decision from court, similarly there have been many other questionable instances. We should keep a note of these and keep on clarifying because, 
We don't want to see another political party in the pool of multiple parties who also started with great vision but finally landing into the same basket.

Though I was always supportive for their main motive and intentions to make India corruption free , that's why only i donated to contribute in this Common Man's fight for their rights.  

But as soon as i have seen the Sting operation aired on TV, I tried to again clarify and questioned the party in below email about the issue as i/nobody was  expecting all this from them. Good part is that they  responded and clarified. I also accepted and considering may be 2-3 out of 70 can have some flaws, still i want to support this movement and leadership of Kejriwal by looking at his intentions.

We should definitely support AAP to grow and become a honest Men from the new born Child but should always keep a check and question it on any act which is similar to other parties of vote bank politics OR similar to a initiation of being corrupt (exposed in some instances). We should seek for clarification on any wrong move and don't support any such thing being BLIND FAN.

Same will happen in future as well because leadership is good but all 70 candidates and other Party members can not be of same caliber and can not remain same after gaining power. For Ex, on social network, we like its page and like/post any good favorable article about it, similarly we should also post/seek clarification on its page  on any of its wrong move. We should Never become a n emotional/blind Supporter, always question and keep a check on its deviation from its vision to make everyone's dream come true.

As it is said that  Wherever Sunlight and wind can reach there is a possibility of reaching corruption as well.

Considering the present scenario and intentions, lets Unite and vote for the change and right democratic Vision and give a chance to see the governance of the people who seems to came out for us. Let them prove themselves in one state only and Vote For AAP in Delhi.

है  बहुत   अंधेरा घना, सूरज    निकलना    चाहिए !

हो  किसी तरह से भी , मौसम  बदलना    चाहिए  !!

जो चेहरे रोज बदलते हैं, नकाबों की तरह,,, अब जनाजा धूम से, उनका निकलना चाहिए!!

Yagya Datt Sharma
29th Nov 2013