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Sunday, September 01, 2013


The Revolution has begun...

If I would have to describe it in 1 sentence then i would say its a Shaandaar Movie with a Jaandar Concept - depicting the real scenario of our corrupt system. Must watch to all Mango people.

Don't look at some paid reviewers who rated Chennai Express more than this one and i am sure those paid reviewers are also a threat to country and economy because of them public is spending 200 crore on Chennai Express and not watching this one. I would personally appeal people to go for this one and promote such movies which are giving good message to society as well as entertaining.  Specially people in rural areas must get message to watch it as they still don't understand how politicians are using them.

As we Know that The Term "Satyagrahawas given by Mahatma Gandhi  during Indian Independence Movement about a half century ago on 12 March 1930 when Salt Satyagarha was started with 'Dandi March' . It means "insistence on truth" (Satya = 'truth'; agraha = 'insistence' OR 'Force, full of Truth'.

Even though, the political scenario of India has changed very much since then, But the Evils of the society like corruption, crime and misuse of political power to suppress common man's Voice still exists which was the reason of Great Anti Corruption Movement in last 2 years by Anna ji and his team.

Movie gives a somewhat realistic view of Anna's Satyagraha and TELLING US, how a Non -Violence Revolution can turn into local War or Terrorism  and what could be done to stop it from turning into such chaos . It is a Tribute to Gandhi Ji and Anna Ji and their Struggles for the Common Man's problems.

It also helps us understand mistakes that Team Anna Must have done, like how government made Anna to break his fast and have food, thus  stopped the biggest revolution ever seen in my life time by false promises. It also teaches how a revolution with non-violence should work and what kinds of mistakes should be avoided.

If you see the Performances of cast then Bachchan Saab is amazing by making judgment with the intense role of Gandhi or Anna ji . Ajay Devgan has done a Great job with the role of educated and awakened youth. Manoj Bajpeyi is outstanding in the negative role by his unique dialogue delivery style .

 Arjun Rampal is very good as an aggressive local leader. Kareena Kapoor is good as an intelligent and honest journalist . Amrita Rao is doing justice as a modern, educated, school teacher who stands up against the wrong and contribute in the fights against it.

Overall, It succeeds to touch but fails to penetrate .Intention was good but not the execution up to that extent. It is like every other Prakash Jha film based on the politics and social realistic common man's problems faced in India (i.e. Gangajal, Rajneeti, Aarakshan, Apaharan). Overall a good and decent movie , a one time watch but worth watching. 

Yagya Datt Sharma
31st Aug 2013