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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Where was Raj Thackeray when Mumbai was frightening ??

well , juss came back from my college MNNIT after convoaction ceremony...when i was travelling to allahabd .. few persons in my boggie were talking about the Hot topic of tht day ...Mumbai terrorist Attack...i was listening carefully..slowly slowly i also statrted taking part as i felt tht those ppl were looking sensible.....i think its worthy to share wid u all..

I am speechless at this very moment I am taking down notes for this post, I can’t express my grief and burden that I feel when I browsed the net looking for more information that I can add to this article regarding the Mumbai Terrorist Attack. A lot of people have died, the dead count rose up to 160 and may have risen in the past few hours, more than 300 people were injured based on the news article that I’ve read.

but Guys ..where was Raj Thakray who calls himself a mumbaikar and his Brave Sena...Tell him tht 200 NSG commandos from delhi ( No Marathi ..all South n North Indians ) have been sent 2 mumbai to fight with the terrorist so tht He can Sleep peacefully........Why aren’t those who bully innocent people appearing for examination, burn and destroy public transport, declare ’bandh’ and force non-mumbaikars to move out from Mumbai anywhere in sight? Why aren’t they using their power when the city needs it the most? Why were they hiding inside their houses?

The four days of havoc that Mumbai suffered from November 26 to 29, Mumbaikars saw no sign of the Marathi and Maharashtra fanatic Raj Thackeray. No comments, no interviews, no consolations, no condemning, no nothing. Now, in this media savvy world, it’s impossible to believe that Raj did not have an option for addressing and communicating with Mumbai. Not a word for his precious Mumbaikars and Maharashtra? Many people addressed the terrorist attacks. Rattan Tata through an interview, Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan through their blogs expressed their concern, anger, frustration through media while there were no signs of Raj .

Many people, who genuinely cared about Mumbai came out on the streets out side Taj, Oberoi and Nariman House while the operations against terrorists were going on. While Delhi remained quiet and was saddened because of the terror strikes that took place in Mumbai, the JNU students arranged a candlelight march to mourn for the same. The very same people, whom Raj was always against in Mumbai. Still, there was no clue of Raj, and that too when he was in Mumbai! It’s disconcerting to see that the once, well-known for making public appearances and connecting with people through media, Raj Thackeray had gone missing.

But the question is that had Raj Thackeray completely forgotten about his love for Marathi people when Mumbai was in real danger? Do terrorists make him forget about his love for his people and state? Or does he only like to bask in the glory for launching a full fledged campaign against the poor and weak?

...According to me Raj Thakerey is nothing less than a terrorist. He is spreading hatred in the society. Everybody knows he is doing all this to get a big vote bank of Marathis. Is this cheap trick going to help him anyhow?...if he really want to save mumbai wat was his men doing at tht time.........why dont he come forward in this high tym?????

People, who were a strong supporter of Raj Thackeray must re-assess him on the basis of his actions. Do you really need a leader who would desert you in the time of need? Who cannot even hold Mumbai together and soothe the people in such crucial times? Who is incapable of encouraging his people when the occasion arises? I guess, it’s time people acknowledge Raj for the real person he is and not something he pretends to be to satiate his political and personal desires.

Man,u can't imppose ur culture and language to any body ,culture should be adopted if it is good but not implemented.but,this is political india n anything is fare in politics.

In such a situation of terror strike, we all should stand together and fight against it rather than fighting among ourselves. In this context, I remember the old saying that goes, “United we stand and divided we fall,” which is very true. So, my message to our young Indians is: do not fight with your own people instead fight for them.

well, there were 6 Top Officers out of 16 who lost their lives.These Peoples Did not care of their lives to save their country from terror Hold.We should Salute These peoples who lost their lives so that we can sleep Peacefully.
And I congratulate the NSG, Army, Police and other security forces for Successfully gunning down the terrorists and Saving many more Precious lives.We are very Proud of you, THE SAVIOURS ...Lets Give Homage to these Martyres.

Ai Mere watan ke logon, Zara Aankh me bhar lo paani
Jo Shaheed Huye hain unki, zara yaad karo Qurbaani........

Yagya Datt Sharma
30th Nov. 2008