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Friday, January 26, 2007

Jo Tum Chalo to Hindustan Chale..

Phalak Pakad ke Utho
Aur Hawa Pakad Ke Chalo
Jo Tum Chalo to Hindustan Chale..

Lagao Haath Ki Suraj Subah Nikla Kare..
Hatheliyon Mein Bhare Dhoop aur Subah Uchhla Kare..

Uphak pe Paon rakho
Aur chalo Akad k chalo
Phalak Pakad ke Utho
Aur Hawa Pakad Ke Chalo
Tum Chalo to Hindustan Chale..

These Lines are Taken frm India Poised- Anthem..

Lyrics By- Gulzar..
Composed By -Shankar, Ehsaan And Loy..

India Poised Movement-

Our Time Is Now

The Times of India group has put together a very well designed site “India Poised” in honor of 60 years of free India

I love the words of the anthem …and especially love hearing Big B say it in his inimitable voice.

Video-India Poised Anthem-1 (Hindi Version)...With Big B..

Video-India Poised Anthem-2..With Gulzar..

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We will work and sweat for a great vision,,the vision of transforming INDIA into a Developed nation,Powered by economic Strenth with value System!!

Regards-:Yagya Datt Sharma
23rd Jan 2007-26 Jan 2007


At 11:24 AM, Blogger Cinderella said...

I love this song and also the video that is aired n tv with the child trynna lift the log of wood !

I love my country !
Nice post.

At 1:40 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

bit heavy
too much info to gather(take that as a compliment)


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