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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Philosophy Of Dreaming?

Let-us tries to find out what dreams are? The entire medical students know that human being holds two minds:
Conscious and sub conscious one
What we are doing in our daily life is the act of our conscious mind and whatever we are dreaming is the act of our sub conscious mind. In fact dream are the kids, given birth by the “Reality “ [Mother] and “ Imagination “ [Father], hence dreams are the mixture of truth and the thought power of human being.

When for the tasting the prohibited fruit God, ordered man to leave the heaven. Man prayed God “ please do give me something, which can keep my life as colorful is this one.” “ O.K.” God replies “ I am giving you the power of dreaming and if you can use all of your mental and physical abilities to realize your dreams you will be able not only to keep your life colorful like this but also will be able to construct your own paradise.
Think of the organizations like Rotary, it is neither a social reform nor a military revolution, in fact Rotary is the realization of dreams of the peoples, from the different walk of life, of different race, caste and country, like you and me, with a common ideology of service to humanity.

A Well Known Example
From the dawn of human history dreams have played a very significant and important role in the advancement of the human beings. The entire world of chemistry students are well versed with the Kekule’s dream sequence, which helped him to suggest the structure of Benzene like organic compounds. These compounds, in their molecule contain equal number of Carbon and Hydrogen atoms; hence it was not possible to arrange them in usual normal linear structure. This was a problem for the world and Kekule was involved in suggesting the solution to such a great extant, that one night he saw a dream in which six snakes are holding each others tail in mouth forming a hexagonal structure. This dream helped him to solve the problem of the molecular structure of the Benzene like organic compounds, by suggesting the hexagonal structure. This is the one example to show the great value of dreams in our life.

Dreams are in fact positive vision of life, whatever seems difficult to achieve by conscious mind, sub-conscious mind suggest ways to achieve it. Rotary is going to taste the success in the dream project of “Polio Free World” why? Only due to fact that Rotarians worldwide dare to dream it and as per the instructions of God utilized all their physical and mental abilities to achieve it.
In my childhood I have heard one quote “ success is slave of those, who dare to dream it”, and in my personal opinion, Dreams are nothing but the achievement of the goals of life. People, who Dare to face the Real Examination are entitled for the Achievement of Mental Satisfaction. So dear keep continue dreaming and keep your life full of success.

13 Dec,06


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Great article, Well explained.


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